This Target Stores Near Me page provides you with an amazing opportunity to easily find nearest Target locations near me. Apart from that, this page also contains a lot of information about Target hours, as well as you can get coupons for using them in-store. At the end of this article, you will find plenty of useful information about this company. Enjoy!

Target Store Locations Near Me

Currently, the headquarters of Target Corporation is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Actually, the company has 3,189 Target locations in the United States and Australia. In particular, these are Target locations in the American states (number of shops by state):

  • Alabama: 31
  • Arkansas: 9
  • Arizona: 49
  • California: 303
  • Colorado: 45
  • Connecticut: 26
  • DC: 1
  • Delaware: 4
  • Florida: 133
  • Georgia: 56
  • Hawaii: 7
  • Iowa: 20
  • Idaho: 7
  • Illinois: 98
  • Indiana: 33
  • Kansas: 23
  • Kentucky: 14
  • Louisiana: 17
  • Massachusetts: 51
  • Maryland: 39
  • Maine: 6
  • Michigan: 64
  • Minnesota: 80
  • Missouri: 35
  • Mississippi: 6
  • Montana: 9
  • North Carolina: 57
  • North Dakota: 8
  • Nebraska: 15
  • New Hampshire: 9
  • New Jersey: 49
  • Nevada: 17
  • New Mexico: 11
  • New York: 87
  • Ohio: 69
  • Oklahoma: 16
  • Oregon: 19
  • Pennsylvania: 83
  • Rhode Island: 5
  • South Carolina: 24
  • South Dakota: 5
  • Tennessee: 33
  • Texas: 157
  • Utah: 18
  • Virginia: 60
  • Washington: 41
  • Wisconsin: 38
  • West Virginia: 6
  • Wyoming: 4.

So, if you live in any of the American states mentioned above, that means that you can find Target stores near me easily. In order to find Target near me, you should just make use of this map:

If, nonetheless, using that map tends to be quite inconvenient for you, there is another way to find Target store near me. For instance, you can find the nearest Target store by using this official store locator:


How to Find Target Stores Near Me?

So, this page and the map published above provide you with a fantastic opportunity to locate the nearest Target stores near me. Nonetheless, it might also happen that you may encounter some issues while using that map. In any case, here we will list detailed instructions on how to find Target near me.

Check the nearest Target stores near me. First of all, you should look at the map published above for locating the closest stores of this company. On that map, you will get to see numerous red marks – these marks stand for the Target locations near me. So, you can browse that map and find the most convenient locations.

View the closest Target stores on a larger map and/or change the area. If, due to some reason, the map doesn’t display your area correctly, you can easily fix that. For that purpose, you should simply click on “View Larger Map,” placed in the map’s left-upper corner. On the next page, browse the large map until you will find the correct area and, then, click on the “SEARCH THIS AREA” button.

Learn more info about a particular Target store. Besides, you are also able to get to know more about each single Target store near me. For that, you should just click on the red mark of that store on the map. Right after that, you will get to see a small box in the left-upper corner of the map, which must contain the store’s name, address, and rating.

Check Target hours of a specific store. In order to get to know the opening hours of a certain store, you should select that store on the map at first. Then, click on “View Larger Map” in the map’s left-upper corner. On the next page, you will get to see all necessary info about that particular store, including its opening hours.

Save location of a Target store with your Google account. For this purpose, you should click on the red mark of a store that interests you on the map at first. Then, click on the “Save” button in the map’s left-upper corner. After that, you will have just to access the Google Maps app with your account in order to see that saved location.

Create a route to a selected Target store. If you have no clue about how to reach a certain Target store, that’s not a problem. At first, you should select a Target store you want to reach on the map. Then, you have to click on the “Directions” button that you can find in the left-upper corner. Following it, specify the starting point of your trip and select the most convenient route on the next page.

Read reviews of Target stores. Indeed, this map also provides you with a great opportunity to read customer reviews. For that purpose, select that store on the map and, then, click on the “No. reviews” icon in the left-upper corner. Actually, the next page will display customer reviews about that particular store to you.

Target Store Hours

Considering that there are so many Target stores, it is natural that the Target hours vary between them. So, that is the reason why we recommend you to follow the guidelines from the previous section and check out the hours of a specific Target store. At this point of our page, however, we will disclose the most common Target store hours:

  • Monday to Friday: from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Saturday to Sunday: 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  • Monday to Saturday: from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Sunday: from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Target Coupons

If you tend to visit Target stores, then you may take advantage of the Target coupons. Simply put, these coupons allow you to purchase products at a lower cost or get extra products for free. If you wish to obtain Target coupons now, please click on the following button:



In this part of our page, we will answer the most common questions about Target stores. Hopefully, this will help you to really find the info you needed.

Q: What is Target?

So, Target Corporation is a major US retailer and the main competitor of Walmart. The company can boast to have a more than 100-year long history and have a huge number of stores.

Q: How many Target locations are there?

As you could, perhaps, read above, there are currently 3,189 Target stores in the United States and Australia.

Q: When do Target stores open?

Actually, you can find this information in the “hours” section above. Typically, the stores of this chain open at 7:00 A.M. or 8:00 A.M.

Q: What do Target stores close?

As we have already pointed out above, Target stores usually close by 10:00 P.M. or 11:00 P.M. This actually depends on the store you are visiting. So, we would recommend you to check the hours of a particular Target store.

Q: How can I find Target stores near me?

In order to find Target near me, you should simply look at the map published above. If that doesn’t seem convenient for you, you should just use the official store locator – you can find a link to that locator just below the map.

Q: Where can I view nearest Target store locations near me?

So, there is an easy way to locate Target near me. Actually, you can just have a look at the map above and view the closest Target locations. If you are struggling to do with how to use that map, you can use the guidelines that we conveniently published above

About Target

So, Target Corporation, which is commonly known as simply Target, appears to be an American retailer (eight-largest in the United States), having 3,189 stores in the US and Australia. The history of this company can be traced to as early as 1902, when the first Goodfellow Dry Goods store was established. The Target brand, however, was introduced only in the 1990s, and then it became the most profitable division of Dayton-Hudson Corporation. In 2000, the company was renamed into Target Corporation.

Same as Walmart, its main competitor, the company operates stores of varying formats, including Target discount stores, small-format stores, and hypermarkets (known as SuperTarget). Currently, the company’s headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the present time, these are the company’s main product lines: toys & games, small appliances, shoes, pet supplies, lawn and garden, jewelry, furniture, food, electronics, clothing and accessories, bedding, beauty and health products. Around 360,000 employees work for this company.

Target Stores Near Me

Actually, it is worth to point out that our website contains also locations of our retail stores. For instance, you can also find Walmart Supercenter near me.