This 7-11 Near Me page allows you to find nearest 7-Eleven locations near me right now. Apart from that, you will also be able to find out about all 7-11 locations in the United States and beyond. Additionally, this page will provide you with the store hours and coupons. After all, you can also get some additional information about this company in general.

7-11 Locations Near Me

As of the present time, 7-Eleven is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Currently, 7-Eleven convenience stores are available across the United States and in 17 other countries. At the time of writing this article, there were 68,236 7-Eleven locations worldwide. In particular, there are the following numbers of 7-11 stores in each of the American states:

  • Arizona: 64
  • California: 1,743
  • Colorado: 359
  • Connecticut: 44
  • DC: 53
  • Delaware: 19
  • Florida: 838
  • Georgia: 3
  • Hawaii: 62
  • Idaho: 1
  • Illinois: 336
  • Indiana: 31
  • Kansas: 25
  • Kentucky: 1
  • Massachusetts: 212
  • Maryland: 399
  • Maine: 14
  • Michigan: 208
  • Missouri: 45
  • North Carolina: 88
  • New Hampshire: 26
  • New Jersey: 373
  • Nevada: 213
  • New Mexico: 33
  • New York: 590
  • Ohio: 57
  • Oklahoma: 116
  • Oregon: 142
  • Pennsylvania: 218
  • Rhode Island: 18
  • South Carolina: 35
  • Texas: 910
  • Utah: 164
  • Virginia: 743
  • Vermont: 3
  • Washington: 255
  • Wisconsin: 17
  • West Virginia: 64.

In addition to the 7-11 locations in these American states, there are also 7-Eleven stores in the following countries: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, China (including Macau), Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Besides, these are the most popular 7-Eleven locations in the United States: San Diego (CA), Chicago (IL), Las Vegas (NV), Orlando (FL), San Antonio (TX), Denver (CO), Washington (DC), Philadelphia (PA), Charlotte (NC), Sacramento (CA), Miami (FL), Tampa (FL), Colorado Springs (CO), Portland (OR), Baltimore (MD), Brooklyn (NY), Austin (TX), Richmond (VA), Fort Worth (TX), Seattle (WA), San Jose (CA), Tacoma (WA), Fresno (CA), Rochester (NY), Salt Lake City (UT), Virginia Beach (VA) and Escondido (CA).

So, if you live in any of the American states or countries mentioned above, you can easily find 7-11 near me. For that purpose, you should simply use this map, which contains all the closest 7-Eleven locations:

Nonetheless, some users might find it inconvenient to search the nearest 7-11 stores in that way. If that’s the case for you, you may also decide to use the official store locator and locate 7-Eleven near me by zip code. In order to locate 7-11 by zip code, please click on the following button:


How to Find 7-11 Near Me?

So, you can see that the map we published above provides you with an easy way to find 7-Eleven near me. Nevertheless, there is a chance that some users might encounter issues while trying to use that map for locating the closest 7-Eleven stores. If this happens to you, we recommend you to follow the instructions you will find in this section of the page.

View the map and see the nearest 7-Eleven locations near me. In the first place, you should just have a look at the map above. So, that map will display countless red signs – they signify 7-11 locations near me. Now, you should browse that map and find the most conveniently located store for you.

Change the area on that map and/or view a bigger map. So, if, by any chance, tends to display the wrong are to you, you can quickly fix this issue. For that, you should simply click on the “View Larger Map” text button, which you can see in the left-upper corner. On the next page, you should just find the area you need and click on “SEARCH THIS AREA.” You’re all set.

Learn more info about a particular 7-11 location. In order to find out more about a particular store, you should simply click on its red sign on the map. Then, that action will trigger a small tab, which you will observe in the left-upper corner of the map. There, you will notice several buttons (read lower about how to use them) and some important info, such as the store’s name, address, and average rating.

Save 7-Eleven location with your Google account. If you may need the location of a specific store in the future, you can use your Google Maps account to save it. At first, you have to select that store on the map by clicking on its button. Then, just click on the “Save” button, which you will get to see in the left-upper corner.

Check the hours of a particular 7-Eleven store. Besides, you may also decide to check out the hours of a specific 7-11 convenience store. For that, you should select that store on the map in the first place. Next, you have to click on the “View Larger Map” text button in the left-upper corner tab. Eventually, you will get to see the hours of that store on the next page.

Create a new route to a selected 7-Eleven convenience store. If you don’t know how to reach a particular 7-11 store, you may use our map for that. At first, you should select the store on the map and, then, click on the “Directions” button in the left-upper corner. After that, you should specify the starting point of your journey on the next page. Then, just select the route and see how to reach that store.

Read customer reviews about 7-11 stores. After all, Google Maps allows you to read customer reviews about each of the 7-Eleven convenience stores. For that, you have to select a particular store on the map and click on “No. reviews” icon in the left-upper corner. So, that will allow you to read all the customer reviews about that convenience store.

7-Eleven Hours

Given the fact that there are so many 7-11 stores across so many countries, it is normal that the hours between the stores may differ substantially. That is the reason why we recommend you to follow the instructions we listed above and get to know the hours of a particular store. Here, however, you can view the common 7-11 store hours in the U.S.:

  • Every day: from 5:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M.
  • Open 24/7.

7-Eleven Coupons

If you would like to get a solid discount or freebies on your next visit to 7-Eleven, you may take advantage of the 7-Eleven coupons. In fact, there is nothing much you should do, but, instead, you will get some useful stuff for free. So, you can get to see the latest 7-Eleven coupons by clicking on the following button:



Do you still have some questions left about this store chain? Then, you can check out this part of our article and get answers to the most common questions about 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Q: What is Seven Eleven?

So, 7-Eleven appears to be an American chain of convenience stores, which are available in multiple countries. Convenience stores are usually located on gas stations or in convenient locations and remain open 24/7.

Q: Who owns Seven Eleven?

Since 2005, Seven Eleven has been owned by Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd, a Japanese retail group.

Q: What does Seven Eleven mean?

Initially, the name of this company was “Tote’m Stores,” which meant that the customers toted away their purchases. Later, however, the company’s name was changed to “Seven-Eleven,” which reflected the new opening hours: from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. every day. Even though most of the 7-11 stores have become open 24/7 since then, the name of the company has remained.

Q: What time does Seven Eleven open?

As we have already pointed out several times above, most of the 7-Eleven stores are open 24/7. Nonetheless, some rare 7-11 convenience stores open at 5:00 A.M.

Q: What time does Seven Eleven close?

As a matter of fact, you can read above that the majority of 7-11 stores are available 24/7. However, some 7-Eleven convenience stores close by 12:00 A.M.

Q: How many stores does 7-11 have?

At the present time, there are 68,236 7-11 locations in the United States and other 17 countries.

Q: Where is the nearest Seven Eleven store to me?

Actually, you can easily find the closest 7-11 store near me. For that purpose, you should just look at the map we embedded on this page. There, you can see the nearest 7-Eleven locations around me.

Q: How can I find 7-11 near me?

In order to locate 7-11 stores around me, you should just view the map above. If you are having difficulties with how to use it, you should simply stick to the guidelines you can find right below that map.

Q: Where can I see Seven Eleven near me?

As we have pointed out already, you are able to view the nearest 7-11 locations near me by viewing the map at the top. Nonetheless, you can also click on the button (placed right below that map) in order to locate the nearest 7-11 store by zip code.

About 7-Eleven

So, 7-Eleven, the official name of which is 7-Eleven Inc., appears to be a U.S.-based international chain of convenience stores. Currently, the company has 68,236 convenience stores across the United States and 17 other countries. These stores usually remain open 24/7 and can be found in the most convenient and accessible places.

The company’s roots can be traced back to 1927, when John Jefferson Green, an employee of the Southland Ice Company, started selling basic products (like eggs, milk and bread). His idea was that selling basic items in such locations will remove the needs of the customers to travel large distances for buying these things. In fact, the idea worked out, and the founder bought out the Southland Ice Company and opened the new stores soon thereafter.

Initially, the company was known as “Tote’m Stores,” but eventually the stores were renamed into 7-Eleven in 1946 – this displayed the availability of the stores. However, the corporate name was changed to 7-Eleven Inc. only in 1999. In 2005, Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd. Purchased the company.

Today, more than 50,000 workers are employed by this company. Most of the 7-Eleven convenience stores are, however, franchised. The key product lines of these stores include slurpee beverages, coffee, other types of drinks, candies, prepared foods, gasoline, dairy and snacks.

7-11 Locations Near Me

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